Executing of concrete cutting

concrete cutting

Executing of concrete cutting

Executing of concrete cutting When we talk about concrete or concrete structure, the initial mental image will be a very hard and impenetrable volume. however, nowadays, with the development of new technologies in the construction industry, it is difficult to break massive and stubborn concrete. will not be.

Now imagine that a part of the concrete structure must be removed for any reason. In the past, the removal of concrete was done by using a lot of manpower and using destructive methods, but the basic question here is that removing a part of the structure using the method Can destructive activities damage other parts of the structure or not?

If we want to remove a part of a structure so that other parts of the structure are not damaged due to vibration, what should be done? If we want to remove the middle beam of the concrete structure without damaging the main column of the structure, what is the engineering solution? The answer is simple; concrete cutting.

Concrete cutting is the process of cutting and separating a part of concrete, which is done by experts with the help of special tools and equipment. Unlike the old methods such as the use of picor and other destructive systems, the new concrete cutting methods create a flat and smooth surface after the cutting operation is finished, and the cutting process does not create any dust or pollution due to the use of water.

It will not include audio. There are different ways to cut concrete, such as cutting a part of the wall to make an opening, or cutting a slab, or even cutting.

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